Why is climate change a business issue?

Climate change will alter how you operate your business and create new products and service opportunities.

Aside from climate change science, media coverage and growing public concern are moving politicians and businesses to respond to the climate change challenge.

To meet the climate change challenge businesses will need to operate differently and ensure future development is sustainable. This is not a bad thing and will provide our communities with a higher quality of life.

How will climate change impact on your business?

New costs and higher costs for energy, water, raw materials and waste, insurance, and monitoring

  • Requirements to use less resources

  • Increased government regulation

  • New consumer preferences for environmentally friendly products

  • New mandatory supply chain sustainability criteria for business to business transactions

How can your business benefit?

  • Making early changes to your business practices to become a preferred supplier ahead of your competitors

  • Accessing the increasing number of government grants available to business to reduce costs and future risk through eco-efficiency measures

  • Researching changing consumer and business preferences to develop new products and services and differentiate from the competition

  • Conducting research and development for specific solutions to the impacts of climate change (higher temperatures, increased wind speeds, drought, flash floods and freak storms) or how to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

To take action, participate in Sustainability Advantage, a unique NSW Government program endorsed by NSW Business Chamber, visit the information page.


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