Who says businesses 'may not need web'?

"Not all businesses should have Web sites", says a leading New Zealand techology entrepreneur.

Addressing the Small Business Expo at Christchurch Convention Centre, New Zealand on 31st August 2007 Sir Gil Simpson, founder of Jade Software Corporation said "If you've got a local restaurant, why have you got a Web site? It's not economically worth you having a Web site. If you've got product you can sell (on the internet), then that's good, but think carefully about the economic benefit."

Ouvrir would encourage readers of The Press to think very carefully before they heed the words of Simpson.

The Internet has an application in practically every business, particularly those operating in a niche market, or those wishing to compete on a level playing field with larger competitors. A Web site need not carry a large capital expenditure or cost a great deal of money moving forward.

If you have a Web site or not, as a business person you should still have a broad understanding of the importance of the Internet in relation to the promotion of your business. On-line directories, reviews on social networking and industry related sites, search engine optimisation, in-bound links, on-line PR - these are all simple aspects to understand that any business person keen to market and grow their business should understand.

Simpson's latest business, Jolly Good Software, demonstrates that the entreprenuer has lost touch with the pulse of the software market and the way businesses consume software in todays climate. At Jolly Good Software Simpson says, "I'm trying to make it normal to buy software", and that's just the point, it is no longer normal to buy software. Any business with an eye on cost effective ownership and return on investment pays for its business systems as they go, by subscription.

Products like Netsuite www.netsuite.com for integrated business solutions, Mind Your Own Business www.myob.com for accounting and business intelligence, and Moonfruit www.moonfruit.com or Intergage www.intergage.co.uk for Web site content management are all excellent examples of tremdously cost effective business software you invest in on a pay-as-you-go basis.

If you would like to find out more about how you can spread your Web site investment more in-line with your business performance and return on investment contact Ouvrir today.

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