Ouvrir appointed Fortis authorised partner

Ouvrir has struck an agreement with CMS provider Intergage in the UK to deliver its Fortis Web site content management solution in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

"As part of our mission to offer customers a broad range of options in terms of their Web site solution Ouvrir has been appointed as an Authorised Partner for the highly successful Fortis CMS product. The deal extends the Intergage channel in the UK, as well as giving Australian and New Zealand businesses access to this outstanding CMS product which boasts best of class functionality and remarkable search engine optimisation features." Comments Will Noble of Ouvrir.

Fortis is a powerful tool designed specifically for small and medium sized enterprises and will allow Ouvrir to deliver functional, elegant and, most importantly, highly search engine friendly Web site solutions. Why is CMS and SEO important? Read on...

Is Web site content management the ultimate marketing weapon?

Ouvrir believe so and here's why...

If it is true that your Web site is your most important marketing asset then your Web site content management system is likely to be your ultimate marketing weapon...

For most of us, Web marketing success (and increasingly broader marketing success) hinges on whether or not our Web site is found by search engines on the keyphrases we believe matter the most to our target audience.

Our primary target - search results

Most search engine results pages (SERPS) are made up of two types of search result - "Natural" or "Organic" listings and Pay-per-click adverts.

While it is possible that getting found by other means (affiliate marketing, inbound links etc.) may produce great results for some businesses, for most of us it's all about getting to "Marketing Mecca" - the top natural search positions in Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Live search (probably in that order).

Research tells us that 93% of searchers do not go past the first 2 pages and yet there are often literally millions of Web pages competing for the top slots so how does any business manage this on a modest marketing budget?

Most experts agree that the key to natural search engine success is content. Your content, so they tell us, needs to be relevant, recent and useful. Most experts agree that the key to success is frequent, regular updates to your site with high quality, keyword (or keyphrase) rich content.

The keywords or phrases you choose to target are the foundations of your search marketing success. Get these wrong and all your work will be in vain.

In order to achieve high search rankings, each page you create needs to be created with a keyword or phrase in mind. Having selected your keyword or phrase, there are eight things you can do to a Web page to make it attractive to search engines for a given phrase or word. In the crowded world of the Internet you typically need to tune each and every page to a specific keyword/phrase in order to be visible in the search results.

So, how does an ordinary business person (rather than a techie) create regular, relevant, keyword rich content for their Web site?

You have two options it seems. Option 1 is to become a Web Designer and learn to use the tools Web Designers use or you could select Option 2 - use a tool like the "Fortis" Web site content management tool from Intergage that makes creating search engine friendly content simple, fast and easy.

Ouvrir will teach you how to use the Fortis web site content management system to create Web pages that search engines love, and how to go about succeeding in even the most competitive of markets.

Serious about Pay-per-click? You need CMS.

Pay-per-click advertising systems like Google's AdWords system reward advertisers for doing a good job by reducing their advertising costs. At the heart of the system is a score - the "Quality score" - that Google and other search engines use to decide how much you will pay for a click through to your Web page.

Quality score is typically a calculation that uses a combination of CTR (your advert's click-through rate) and other factors to work out how relevant your Web page is to both the keyword or keyphrase you sponsored and the advert you created. One of the significant "other factors" is the relevence of the page that Google users will land on having clicked on your Ad - otherwise known as the "Landing page"

Professionals know that creating "Landing pages" for specific Ads and keywords reduces their costs significantly. Within a few seconds of creating a new advert Google will visit your "Landing page" and check it for relevance against the keyword/phrase and the advert you wrote. It is looking for "Substantial relevant content" on that page. If it finds it, it raises your score and lowers your cost per click.

Google now lets us know what our quality scores are by individual keyphrase or word so that we can ensure we do the best possible job for their visitors.

The bottom line is simple. If you are serious about Adwords you'll need lots of landing pages. Better landing pages means less cost per click and better conversion. If you can't create landing pages quickly and easily you'll pay more per click than your competitors will.


  • Search engines generate two types of result - adverts or "Natural" (free) listings
  • Getting to the top of "Natural" search engine results pages is increasingly difficult and competitive.
  • Paying for advertising can be expensive - your quality score dictates what you pay per click. The higher your score, the lower your costs.
  • A high quality Web site content management system enables you to add keyword rich content easily, quickly and regularly while tuning the pages you create for specific keyphrases and words.
  • A Web site content management system enables you to add pages at will - ideal for improving your "Quality score" in systems like Google's AdWords - significantly reducing your advertising costs.
  • Creating ad-specific landing pages reduces costs and also improves conversion rates in Pay-per-click advertising.

So, if you want to succeed in the ultra-competitive world of Web marketing you are going to need the right tools. Contact Ouvrir today

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