Australian British Chamber of Commerce seeks advice from Ouvrir

Subsequent to establishing the Sydney operation Ouvrir engaged with the Australian British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) and were also immediately asked to contribute to the chamber's project to update/replace their Web site and digital marketing strategy. Representing hundreds of businesses spread across the country, the chamber realised the importance of digital communications, having adopted a simple Web site content management system, e-mail marketing platform and on-line payment for events a number of years ago.

As a centre of excellence and a source of advice and best practice the Chamber of Commerce acknowledged that it needed to raise its game and refresh the digital strategy in play. Will Noble from Ouvrir met with Executive Director Cas Bennetto to discuss the plans and requiremetns of the chamber. Ouvrir went on to provide consultancy in re-breifing the encumbant supplier and assiting with the proof of a breif to issue to new suppliers.

Australian British Chamber of Commerce

The Australian British Chamber of Commerce has now embarked on an upgrade project that will see the corporate Web site and familiar e-mail marketing campaigns overhauled with the addition of more CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionality in to the Web site content management solution.

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