RingGo Parking by Mobile select Ouvrir

Cobalt Telephone Technologies of the UK has appointed Ouvrir to provide on-the-ground representation in Australia and New Zealand for its RingGo cashless parking product. RingGo is a new way of paying for your parking rolling out across the UK that will soon be coming to Australia. You'll find it offered in towns, cities and railway stations. It lets anyone charge their parking to a credit or debit card by making a short telephone call - no more paper tickets.



The benefits are clear - RingGo users don't need to hunt for change; Business users don't have to keep scraps of paper. GST receipts for expense claims are available on-line whenever you need them. What's more, if you're delayed or running late, you can simply call back and extend your stay.

Parking fees are calculated centrally and accurate tariff modelling means RingGo customers only pay exactly what they owe. 

RingGo users will normally pay a small convenience charge on top of the normal parking fee - 40c or 50c is usual. However, concessionary rates are offered to RingGo users in some car parks, which can often mean that using RingGo is cheaper than cash.

RingGo. Simple and easy. It's the future of parking.

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