Ouvrir to cook up the digital strategy for VictorsFood

Specialist experiencial cooking company VictorsFood has appointed Ouvrir to develop a digital strategy for the business and provide more generic business development services moving forward.

VictorsFood Team Building

Victor Pisapia, Executive Chef, commented "Ouvrir has started to deliver already, having arranged a TV appearance for me and the opportunity to present to a forum of HR professionals in the Sydney CBD. We have a good Web site and are gaining some traction but we know there is so much more we could be doing - we're confident that the guys at Ouvrir will take our on-line strategy to the next level."

To fully understand the product Ouvrir this week took a group of clients and staff to experience first-hand a team building session hosted by Victor and one of his expert chefs. Ouvrir Director Michael Holtham said "it was a fabulous event - I really didn't expect to learn so much from the experience and it is an excellent means of galvanising the team. I'm recommending this to all of our clients as an excellent means of rewarding team members, as well as developing them".

As well as delivering innovative team building VictorsFood runAustralian and International food tours, a corporate wellness program "Cook Smart to Eat Well" and cooking parties. Venues are provided for all activities, or can be run at the customers premises.

Ouvrir Team Building
Ouvrir corporate team building event hosted by VictorsFood
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