Strategic Migration Appointment

Sydney-based specialist migration law practice Strategic Migration has appointed business development and digital marketing firm Ouvrir to advise on brand, digital presence, marketing strategy and execution.

Strategic Migration

Principal Solicitor Philip Summerbell commented, "Ouvrir became know to us through our mutual membership of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Business Association. Having met with Ouvrir's Will Noble I was convinced that it was the right business to take the new Strategic Migration concept through to launch."

Strategic Migration has a simple vision - to secure the Australian future of its clients. The practice principal Philip Summerbell has 20 years experience in assisting migrants to Australia secure a visa - and has never lost an application. From private client to corporate service, Strategic Migration tailors its service to its clients requirements. Our expertise is to deliver personalized strategic and predictable migration outcomes that simplify, manage and deliver client objectives on time and budget.

On behalf of Ouvrir, Will Noble commented, "We're delighted to be associated with Strategic Migration and to be playing such a pivotal role in the launch of the business. Subject to the success of the launch, Ouvrir looks forward to being appointed to provide business development and strategy services throughout 2010".

Ouvrir has advised on brand development and the delivery of web strategy. Visit the Strategic Migration Web site today.

Strategic Migration Web Site

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