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Suddenly, Bing Has What Google Doesn't: Data From 500 Million Facebook Users.

Bing will incorporate users' social data from Facebook to improve the personal relevance of your search results starting today. (13 Oct 2010).

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Bing leader Qi Lu, and longtime Microsoft online veteran Yusuf Mehdi announced the news at Microsoft's Mountain View office this afternoon.

Medhi demonstrated that if you're looking for a steak house in San Francisco, Bing wil be able to look at your friends' likes and dislikes to rank certain restaurants higher or lower.

Same thing with videos: a video that a lot of your friends have posted will show up higher in Bing results than a video that hasn't.

What does Facebook get from the deal? Zuckerberg talked about Facebook's interest in partnering with scrappy underdogs who will push the technical envelope, pointing to its work with game developers, and decided that Bing would be a great partner because it's inclined to "go all out and innovate." He also referenced Microsoft's early investment and past deals. Microsoft also pays Facebook for the privilege.

The appeal for Microsoft is obvious: better search results. Even better, this is the kind of advantage that Google can't easily duplicate.

Source: Matt Rosoff | Oct. 13, 2010.

The question Ouvrir is posing to customers following this news is, "are you still focussing 100% of your SEM and on-line ad spend investment towards results on Google?". If the answer to that question is 'yes', then you need to reconsider your SEM/on-line display ad strategy. There is no denying that Google is the Daddy when it comes to paid search, but you ignore other channels at your peril.

Other paid channels you should be considering include, but are not limited to, LinkedIn DirectsAds, Facebook* advertising, Microsoft/Yahoo Advertising - and other niche channels that may be relevant to your sector/customer base. Long tail search terms and niche channels can delivery high-quality traffic at a much lower cost per click.

The usual rules of engagement in terms of quality up-to-date copy, hyper specific landing pages, conversion and measurement remain unchanged. To discuss your SEM strategy contact Ouvrir today.

*Lets be absolutely clear - advertising on Facebook is display advertising - it is NOT social media.

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