flip the funnel: a christmas gift

I was recently handed a copy of a book I had never heard of by an author I do not know. I'm about half way through that book now and, as we plunge head-long in to the Christmas abyss I would like to share it with you as a parting Christmas gift for the year. It's rare that I'll recommend something of which I only have a 50%/half-baked experience of - but this book is gold. Every Ouvrir customer is receiving a copy of the book as a Christmas gift - and to those of you that simply follow our news you should grab yourself a copy from Amazon. So what's the fuss?

Flip The Funnel

Flip the Funnel is another of those books that states what ought to be obvious, what ought to be common sense, what we should all already know and should all already be doing. The difference is that Joseph Jeffe has had the courage to stand up and say "oi, you lot in marketing land - you need a few basics pointed out".

The book is written in an entirely modern paradigm and talks with authenticity and intelligence about the use and influence of digital and social on customer relationships, retention and acquisition. What I love most of all about this book is the validation it provides to the way we conduct business here at Ouvrir.

Praise for the book comes from many notable industry figures but the two that stand out for me are from people we really admire, so we respect their opinion.

"Zappos is devoted to delivering happiness through great customer service. In Flip the Funnel, Jaffe outlines a way to authentically build companies by making the most of the dedication and loyalty of their employees and customers."

Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com

"This book will make you think. Really hard. And if you're lucky, take action."

Seth Godin, author of Tribes

Hear from the author, Joseph Jaffe

Post by Will Noble, Principal.

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