back to community basics: gathering '11

Gathering is a project initiated by David Hood, founder of Doing Something Good. Gathering aims to unite leading thinkers, change-makers and collaborators from Australia and beyond to explore possibilities in emerging technologies, systems and networks, and develop ideas to solve the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time. Together.


Welcome drinks this evening will bring together fresh-faced Gathering delegates and speakers with participants of #AMPlifyFest, who will be weary with excitement at the end of their festival, but pumped to pass the baton on to the next bunch of enthusiastic collaborators.

The verbal lubricant for the kick off shindig is being laid on by Community Engine that will be inviting live wires to learn more about the upcoming beta program of its next generation social networking platform.

Among the inspiring people sparking and nurturing great ideas is our friend Stephen Johnson. Stephen has been invited to share his passion and experience in co-creation, collaboration and community mobilisation for positive change.

Having your head in the commercials of a business can lead to unintentional disconnection from the imperative community driven outcomes that we all want to achieve long-term.

That’s why we're looking forward to the outcomes of this weekend and the opportunity for Will to immerse himself in an environment of inspiring conversation and reset the dials to contribute to a vision of supporting the greater-good and improving the human condition.

Hope to see you there too!

You can follow Will's commentary of the weekend @will_noble

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