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Business Barometer Step 1This simple free tool requires as little as 10 minutes of your time (but we'd recommned you take your time to consider each question) to provide a clear, structured, strategic overview of your position today; and the result serves as a benchmark against which you can measure progress in the future.

The diagnostic questions per business-critical unit prompt you to think about how well you are doing in each area. When complete, you receive a summary dashboard enabling you to easily see which areas need most attention. By focussing on these areas, you can make leaps in progress toward your desired outcome.

How to complete the assessment

Rate your business on a scale of 0-10 in each of the units specified. When rating, use 10 as being complete, without room for improvement, i.e. your perfection. 0 represents an area of the business you have yet to address or where you are profoundly unhappy with performance.

It's not unusual to think the diagnostic questions are sometimes conflicting or contradictory - in these cases you should provide a score you consider representative of the unit overall, taking in to account the perceived conflicts. Add short additional notes (max 1,000 characters per unit) if you consider it necessary or to act as a prompt when we come to review your results together.

 Do you have a written statement that clearly reflects the values of you and your business? How do you communicate your purpose? Who knows about it? Who doesn't know about it but should? 
 Do you have a written description of what your business will look like when it is complete? How clear are you about what your business will look like in 3, 5, 10 years? Is it written down? 
 Does your current strategy help you achieve the vision for your business? Have you analysed all the other options available to you to help you grow your business? What are the key milestones in achieving the vision for your business? 
 Do you have clear written objectives for the business for the next 3, 6, 12 months? Do you and your staff have clear written objectives for the next 3, 6, 12 months? 
 To what extent would you say that you have the right people in place to execute your plans? Are you making the most of the Top Talent you do have? To what extent is your business a GREAT place to work? What would your team say?
Have all your staff "bought into" the purpose, vision and short-term objectives of the business?
 How many different offerings does the business have? Are they clearly defined and easy to communicate? How remarkable/compelling are the offerings? How profitable are the offerings? 
 Do you have a marketing plan that is driven by your purpose, vision & strategic direction? How many different ways do you have of generating opportunities to sell? How effective are they? How well do your written communications (off-line & on-line) reflect the image/message of the business? Does all your marketing target your ideal client? 
 How effective is your current sales function? What is your conversion rate? How regular is your flow of sales? 
 Do your existing clients feel loved? How many clients do you lose each year? How many old clients come back? Are you maximising the opportunities to generate revenues from your current list of clients? Do you have a written plan in place for Account Management within your business? 
 If you were away from the business for 3 months, what would happen? Are there systems in place to ensure that things "just happen"? How systematised is your business? 
 How up-to-date is the financial information you produce for the business? Does the business currently produce monthly management accounts? What proportion of your turnover is from your biggest 5 clients? How would you rate the business's current financial well-being? 
 What's your attitude towards the use of technology in the business? Is all your data stored electronically? What is still on paper?
Is all key business information backed up regularly? Have you tested a restore recently?
How have you embraced the opportunities open to you from the internet/cloud?
 How good is your business at getting things done, on time, to a high quality and on budget? Do you ever start projects but fail to see them through to completion? 
 How happy are you with your work/life balance? Are you getting what you want from the business? Do you have a plan in place for your exit from the business? 
 How often do you review your pricing? How often do you review your costs? How often do you review your ability to sell more? How easy would it be to increase your net profit margin by 30% in 12 months? What would you do if you had to do this? 
 Do you have a written plan for your personal wealth creation? Do you know what your pensions are worth right now? Do you know what they need to be worth to allow you to retire? 
 How often do you review key projects to understand "lessons learned?" Do you have a 360 degree review process? Are all staff given an opportunity to suggest ideas? Do you celebrate success? 
  *Indicates a field you must enter.

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