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The sudden frenzy over a bit of the US yield curve is 'whacko'
Part of the US yield curve inverted last week, leading to increased concern that it signals a looming US economic slowdown, or worse. Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist at AMP Capital, says the attention the yield curve inversion received last week was "whacko". More »
PHOTOS: The first F-35A Joint Strike Fighters in Australia's $17 billion fleet have finally landed on home soil
After 16 years of development, testing and considerable controversy, the first two of the Royal Australian Air Force's F-35A Joint Strike Fighters finally touched down on home soil today RAAF Base Williamtown, north of Newcastle. More »
The top 10 science stories of 2018
2018 was a big year for science. Among the stories was the world's first GM baby and the death of Stephen Hawking. The Australian Science Media Centre has picked its top 10 science stories. More »
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