Our four principals for your support

Sweet consulting covers four principal, overlapping areas of the business life-cycle; planning, sales & marketing, support for the business owner, and measurement of performance. These consulting areas sit above supporting foundation spaces of Strategy, Tactics, Sanity-check, and Measurement.

The suite of Sweet consulting products creates a cyclical ecosystem in which each element flows to the next. Sweet can provide consultancy across the entire spectrum, with specific services to support them, or deliver discreet input where you believe it is required.

Business Planning examines the business performance to date, products, services, production, delivery, support and administration and contextualised these elements against the goals and objectives of the business / business owners. This phase typically results in a requirement for a Sales Enablement project to define a sale and marketing plan and programme.

Beyond this, Sweet provides a Sweet Counsel to support you during the implementation phase; Net Promoter Score is Sweet's preferred system to provide performance management beyond the obvious dollars and cents KPIs.

Business PlanningSales EnablementSweet CounselNet Promoter Score

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