Start your journey to create change and growth in your business

Sweet Business Toolkit | Step 4Further to the completion of the Barometer a Sweet Business Associate will visit you on-site to present an actionalble roadmap against which you and your organisation will be held accountable.

The roadmap is not a fait accompli - you will review and agree as reasonable and achievable the items on the roadmap, and by what deadline they will be actioned.

It is this point where the journey to create change and growth in your business can begin. From here you may have a business coach or mentor you wish to work with along the journey, or you may prefer to continue working with Sweet. Every Sweet Business engagement begins with Step 1 of the Sweet Business Toolkit.

If you have a particular issue you would like to discuss before embarking on Step 1, you can submit an enquiry form or, if you don't do forms, simply call Sweet on 1300 662 338

Sweet Business Toolkit Step 4

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