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Sweet Telecom Australia

Sweet Telecom of the UK has struck an agreement with Ouvrir to allow its brand and business telephony services methodology to be launched in Australia. In the UK, Sweet sell a full range of business telephone, voice, data and internet products to businesses of all sizes thanks to their multi-vendor relationships including as a BT wholesaler.

Ouvrir will become a Telstra reseller in a first phase of development and will grow to offer a range of managed services to small and medium enterprises throughout Australia. Seed funding is being provided by Ouvrir in addition to business development consultancy, digital strategy and project management.

Ouvrir Director Will Noble said, "Australia has the same issues with business telephony that the UK experienced 5 years ago, due to the later deregulation of the market in Australia. We are taking the important learning and lessons from our sister business in the UK and will apply some simple principals here. It's not rocket science - Telstra are renowned for first class products but their service levels have steadily declined since deregulation of the market. This initiative will bring to the market best-in-class Telstra products wrapped in Sweet service."

Martin Boiles, Managing Director of Sweet in the UK said, "We're really pleased to be lending some support to this initiative down-under. There is no direct input to the Australian business from here but we're over the moon that our core ethos of Care, Trust and Professionalism will form the foundation of the Australian business.

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