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Someone to share your ideas and keeps you on track as well

Being a business leader can be a very lonely affair - it's not always possible to discuss early stage concepts, plans and strategies with your leadership team; you sometimes need someone independent of the business to share those crazy ideas; when you have to do your screaming, shouting and crying behind a closed door you sometimes wish there was someone to hear your cries; and above all it is useful to have a trusted confidante.

Will Noble works with Managing Directors and CEOs in the capacity of Counsel because every boss needs a sounding-board and voice of reason - one that understands. This isn't coaching or mentoring, it's not training or consulting, and at the same time it's all of these things. Will has a particular skill-set in digital, tech and creative businesses.

It is profoundly important that trust and confidence are the foundation of the relationship with your Counsel, and for that reason the first step on this journey is to meet for a coffee to see if Will, and Sweet, is a good fit for you and your business.

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At Sweet we believe every great relationship begins with getting to know each other. We like to do this over a coffee,
at your place or ours.


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