Net Promoter Score

Individual NPS programmes adjusted to your needs and goals

You've read The Ultimate Question, you understand the value of the Net Promoter System and now you want to get cracking and discover your Net Promoter Score. Long, boring customer surveys are old-hat, they fail to provide insight and typically the results don't provide any meaningful or actionable outcomes.

Sweet understands that you've seen the value of NPS. We'll work with you to design an NPS programme for your business and provide the grunt to get the job done. On-shore Australian personnel from Sweet Telecom or IVR platform will undertake calls to your customers and ask The Ultimate Question.

Net Promoter System advocates the use of a third party to call your customers on your behalf during the research phase of an NPS project - and that's what we're here for.

If you're new to NPS or have not yet reached the research phase, why not reach-out to Sweet to discuss how we can help.

The Personal Touch

Sweet NPS Research DashboardSweet provides a managed call centre of friendly, articulate, on-shore staff who understand the importance to your brand of the question they are asking, and the value of quality results to our customers.

This solution typically suits small volume and business-to-business lists.

High Volume

For high volume business-to-consumer campaigns leverage our state-of-the-art interactive voice response (IVR) platform.

Our system allows for the integration of recordings using your existing voice talent to ensure brand consistency and integrity as well as call flow and speech recognition with speech-to-text if you choose to gather extra qualitative data from detractors.

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