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Sweet Business Toolkit SummaryThe Sweet Business Toolkit Benchmark, Barometer and Roadmap tools, unique to Sweet, rate readiness and/or maturity in critical areas of competence across your business, and provide you with a simple-to-understand traffic light system to highlight where work is needed to achieve your improvement objectives.

Sweet helps you assess your business and uses the Benchmark and Barometer to help you understand where you are today, and provide a forward Roadmap.

Business Barometer Step 1Step 1 - Assessment

This simple free tool requires as little as 10 minutes of your time and will provide a single, simple overview of your position today - and the benchmark against which we will measure your progress.

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Business Barometer Step 2Step 2 - Benchmark

The data collected in Step 1 provides a measurement across 17 units of competency. The benchmark review is our opportunity to discuss issues highlighted and start to identify priorities.

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Business Barometer Step 3Step 3 - Barometer

Examines the 17 units introduced in Step 1 & 2 providing a deeper unbiased view - the report highlights any misalignment between Step 1 perceptions and reality, and becomes your roadmap.

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Business BarometerStep 4 - Barometer Review and Roadmap

Subsequent to completing the full Barometer audit we will meet with you on-site at your business to review your report in detail and collaborate in the formulation of your roadmap.

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