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Sydney-based SME information and communication technology firm TLW IT Services today appointed Ouvrir to advise on business development and digital strategy. The small support, procurement and consultancy business has a refreshingly simple proposition, "We support IT for small and medium business" said Director Thomas Rose.

Small and medium business owners are rarely ICT experts and are unlikely to have the budget to employ a full time IT Manager, and if they could, that single individual is unlikely to have the breadth of knowledge to support all of the ICT functions across the business. TLW provides a flexible, transparent and comprehensive ICT management service to small and medium business - at a price that is affordable.

TLW client Victoria Salkeld of city-based recruitment firm The Next Step said, "We engaged TLW to conduct a review of our entire infrastructure. We were presented with three options with a refreshingly transparent outline of features, costs and benefits. We selected a virtualised environment which is more cost effective in the short-term but provides us with the flexibility we need as we continue to grow the business."

Ouvrir has been engaged to deliver hands-on business development consultancy, planning, digital strategy and project management.

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