business development: right under your nose

One of the most common questions we get asked is "how do I get more new business?" Before we get stuck in to a whole bunch of activity to increase expensive lead generation activity we ask some far more basic questions to understand if you leverage your most valuable asset - right under your nose.

Work Your NetworkClick image to enlarge

The asset in question is your existing network of contacts. To maintain or increase the value of your network you must maintain contact and cultivate flourishing relationships. If you make a consistent effort to follow our simple-to-use methodology you will soon see quality new business opportunities in your opportunity pipeline. If you're not already using LinkedIn to stay connected to your contacts - make it a priority today.

Maintain Quality

Our advice is that you connect only to individuals you have met, done business with or been personally introduced/referred to - this will maintain the quality of your network - and if you decide to start reaching-out to 2nd level connections in the future you know your intermediate connection is genuine and authentic.

When inviting a contact on LinkedIn always add a personal message to explain why you think a connection is worthwhile for you both. NEVER use the standard "I'd like to add you to my professional network."

Maintain Contact

Revisit your LinkedIn settings to ensure you are receiving updates from your network of contacts, groups and companies you follow. Reach-out to connections with interesting updates or those moving jobs, and maintain a methodical approach to staying in touch with your connections and catch-up regularly for coffee to better understand their business and take the opportunity to remind them about yours.

Contact us today to arrange a coffee if you would like to discuss how working your network could be the easiest way of building your new business pipeline, and to discuss other sales enablement strategies and tactics.

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